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Learn more about my prints

Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about my prints. If you have a question that isn't answered below, feel free to contact me using the contact form on my ABOUT page.

Fine Art Prints

Acrylic Prints

Fine Art prints, or Giclee prints, are high quality prints using a photo-specific inkjet printer and high quality photography paper. Prints from my shop come standard on an enhanced matte paper. This matte paper preserves contrast and colors well while also doing an exceptional job of preventing reflections when you hang your print, so you can enjoy it from all angles. 

Acrylic prints are a type of fine art print that includes a piece of acrylic mounted on top of the image and a bright liner behind the image. This creates an almost 3D like effect that gives the print more depth, brightness, and color. Unlike the standard fine art print, acrylic prints can be mounted to the wall as is, without the need for a frame. Acrylic prints are considered to be some of the finest mediums for photographic prints, and as such, are going to be more expensive than my Fine Art prints.

Framing Materials

Each Fine Art and Acrylic print comes with the option to be framed with either a Black, White, or Mahogany colored frame. Each frame border has a 1-2" thickness depending on the print size (smaller prints will use the 1" frame border) and all framed prints come standard with a mat board to secure and protect the print. If you are wanting a different frame style, size, or color, please fill out the contact form on my about page and I will try my best to accommodate the request. Do note, custom frames may result in additional fees not listed on the product page.

White, Black, and Mahogany Framing options

How to Display Your Print

Once you receive your print, it's time to determine how and where you'd like to display it! Depending on what materials you've ordered, your print still might need to be framed or it might be ready to hang as is! If you've ordered a Fine Art print, your print will either come framed, matted, or just on the photo paper.

  • If you ordered a framed print, you'll be ready to hang it right away with the provided hanging elements that come with the frame.

  • If you ordered a matted print (refer to the matboard sizes on the product page), you will still need to find your desired frame before being able to hang it on your wall. I provide this option so that you can select your own frame for the print if you have a specific idea already in mind or would like to match your room's aesthetic better.

  • If you ordered a print as is, with no frame or matboard, you will need to decide if you want to get the print matted and then framed, or if you would like to frame the print with no matboard. If you frame your print without a matboard, it can reduce the overall size of frame needed, however, adding a matboard to your print can help protect the print from being damaged while in the frame. This option allows for the most customization on your part, giving you the opportunity to choose different matboards (even double matting) and different frames.

There are countless options to how you can display your print! If you would like to consult with me to help determine the best solution for your print, please fill out a contact form on my ABOUT page and I will be sure to help you pick the best option for your wall space.

Shipping Information

Shipping times will vary based on what type of print you purchase (Fine Art or Acrylic), as well as any additional materials that may have been added to the print (Matboard or Frame). Fine Art prints will typically ship within 4-7 business days of purchase. Acrylic prints take longer to produce and therefore will ship within 7-14 business days of purchase. Please note that each print is carefully reviewed for quality before they are shipped. If there are any errors in the print making process, you will be notified of the delay and an updated shipping date will be provided.

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